09-10.02.2013  TALLINN WINTER CUP 2013 

Judge: Vija Klucniece ( Latvia)

Pharaoh's Diamonds Fahim Faaris - JCAC,Best Junior,BM-2,TWJCUP-2013!

Fire and Ice Afrikata - JCAC,Best Junior female,BF-2,TWJCUP-2013!




17.02.2013 Special basenji show FAVORIT in Moskow 

Judge : Jean Jacques Dupas (France)

Fortuna Numa Apollo - Best baby!




23.03.2013 National Dog Show in Narva 

Judge : Gabriela Ridarcikova (Slovakia)

Fortuna Numa Aragorn -Best Baby!

Fire and Ice Afrikata - JCAC,Best Junior female!

Pharaoh`s Diamonds Fahim Faaris- JCAC,Best Junior,BOB!




07.04.2013 National Dog Show in Petrozavodsk,Karelia

Judge : Natalia Sedih ( Russia)

Fortuna Numa Alonzo - Best Baby, BIS BABY-1 !






10.05.2013 National Dog show in Russia "Vivat Peterburg"

Judge: G.F.Van Der Spuy (South Africa)

Fortuna Numa Amun-Ra - Best Puppy!



Fortuna Numa Alonzo ( Inga Rotanova ),  Chiandra s Knjazheskogo dvora &  Pharaoh's Diamonds Fahim Faaris  ( Inna Romanova ), Fortuna Numa Aragorn  ( Elena Obuhhova )



08.06.2013 Dog show in Russia CAC ( Petrozavodsk,Karelia )

Judge: L.J. Kizina ( Russia)

Fortuna Numa Alonzo - Best Puppy, BIS Puppy-3 !




29.06.2013 Moscow annual National basenji Specialty  ( 83 dogs)

Judge: Jon Curby ( USA )

Fortuna Numa Apollo - vp3




Fire and Ice Afrikata (Asja)
PPM,PRA,RD,Cataract -CLEAR!!!



11.08.2013 Dog show in Vaimela ( Estonia)
Judge: Jana Gavrilova ( Russia)
Fortuna Numa Aragorn- JCAC,Best Juunior,Best Male,BOB !




First specialty basenjis show in Estonia 16.08.2013 ( 74 basenjis)

Judge: Sally Walles ( England)

Fortuna Numa Alonzo - ex1, J CAC, BOB Junior, BM-3,Specialty prize - BEST COLOR!

( Nomination for Best color and Best Wrinkle)

Fortuna Numa Amun-Ra - ex1, J CAC, BOS Junior, BB-4 (Nominated for best Fingers)

Fortuna Numa Apollo - ex2 ( Nomination for Best color )

Pharaoh's Diamonds Fahim Faaris - excellent(Nominated for best Fingers)



17-18.08.2013 CACIB dog show in Tallinn

Judge: Ricardo Torre-Simoes ( Brazil )

Fortuna Numa Aragorn - JCAC,JBOB,BM-4,BIS Juunior-4 !!




Estonian lure coursing Championship-2013
Fire and Ice Afrikata 2 place and SERT




24.08.2013 dog show "Летние рекорды" CAC in Moskow

Judge:Oleg Gorbathevsky ( Russia)

Fortuna Numa Apollo - JCAC,JBOB,BOB!



07.09.2013 Regional Dog Show, Moscow

Judge: D.Prozorov

Fortuna Numa Apollo - JCAC, JBOB, BOB!




07.09.2013 National dog show in Tallinn

Judge: Karel Horak (Czech Republic)

Fortuna Numa Aragorn - JCAC,JBOB,BOS and new JCh EST!!




14.09.2013 Dog show CAC "Кубок Главы г.Пушкино"

 Judge: Kirkitskaya

 Fortuna Numa Apollo - CW, JCAC,JBOS


14.09.2013 Specialy dog show in Moskow!

 Judge: Gavrilova

 Fortuna Numa Apollo - Junior Club Winner!


15.09.2013 Dog show CAC in Moskow

Judge: Hamasuridze R.R

Fortuna Numa Apollo - JCAC,JBOS,BOB! and JCh Rus!




05.10.2013 Holiday Basenji in St. Petersburg!

Coursing - beginners:

Fortuna Numa Altana - 1 place  ( hunter),1 place-best color!

Fortuna Numa Amun-Ra - 1 place ( best speed ) 2 place in the competition "We -command!"

Audience Award at the costume contest!

( Fortuna Numa Alonzo, Fortuna Numa Amun-Ra, Fortuna Numa Altana)





27.10.2013 unofficial competition in Keila

Fortuna Numa Al Capone

"Running up the hill" - 4/7
Cross 3 km - 2/8





10.11.2013 Dog Show "Kredo" in St-Peterburg

Judge: E.Senashenko

Fortuna Numa Amun-Ra - JCAC,Best Junior, BOB!!!



17.11.2013 Dog show "North-West" in St-Peterburg

Judge: J.Gavrilova

Fortuna Numa Amun-Ra - JCAC,BOB,BIG-2 !!!




2 Nat.show 24.11.2013 in St-Peterburg!!

Judge : Astrid Lundava(EST)
Fortuna Numa Amun -Ra JCAC,JBOB,BOB,BIG-3 !!!

Judge: Jelena Kruus(EST)
Fortuna Numa Amun- Ra JCAC,JBOB,BOB,BIG-1 !!!

And new JCH RUS




11.12.13 we have a new B-litter !
2 brindle male,3 brindle female и 1 tricolor female!




17.12.2013 we have C-litter! 

1 brindle female,1 red & white female! 




B-litter 3 week !





C-litter 1 month !



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